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10 Reasons For Men to Kegel

10 Reasons For Men to Kegel

As the saying goes: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” and when it comes to the pelvic floor, this is an absolute truth. The pelvic floor muscles - a.k.a. the Kegel muscles - are internal, hidden and behind-the-scenes muscles, yet they are vital to a healthy life. There are numerous advantages to keeping them fit and robust with pelvic floor exercises. Kegel popularized these exercises for females, and they are just as important for men.

Top Ten Benefits of Kegel Exercises For Men

1. To improve/prevent erectile dysfunction.

2. To improve/prevent premature ejaculation.

3. To improve/prevent ejaculatory dysfunction (skimpy ejaculation volumes, weak ejaculation force and arc, diminished ejaculatory sensation).

4. To improve/prevent post-void dribbling (that annoying after-dribble of urine that occurs after finishing urinating).

5. To improve/prevent stress urinary incontinence (leakage with coughing, sneezing, exercise, etc.) that may occur following prostate surgery.

6. To improve/prevent urinary and bowel urgency (“gotta go”) and urinary and bowel urgency incontinence (inability to get to the bathroom on time to prevent an accident).

7. To improve/prevent pelvic pain due to pelvic floor tension myalgia by learning how to relax your pelvic floor muscles.

8. To help prevent pelvic impairments from high impact sports and saddle sports (e.g., cycling, motorcycling and horseback riding).

9. To improve core strength, posture, lumbar stability, alignment and balance.

10. To maintain good health and youthful vitality.

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