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The Pelvic Floor Powers Everything Below the Belt

The PelvicRx® Male Pelvic Exercise Program strengthens the complex network of muscles known as the "pelvic floor." These muscles surround the base of the penis and form a muscular shelf across the bottom of the pelvis.

The deep layer of pelvic muscles assists the organs that rest on top of them, including the bladder, prostate and rectum. The deep layer muscles contribute to urinary and rectal control and play a role in helping to support a healthy prostate.

The superficial layer of pelvic muscles is responsible for maintaining erections, increasing blood flow to the penis and powering the muscles for ejaculation.

First Line of Defense For Aging Muscles

As we age, pelvic muscles naturally become weaker. Because of this aging process, men over 40 are more likely to experience urinary, prostate, sexual and bowel health issues. The PelvicRx® For Men Exercise Program helps to strengthen these important pelvic muscles for better health. Stronger pelvic muscles can help to lessen and often prevent common conditions, including incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Safe, Drug-Free and Easy to Follow

Proven to work, PelvicRx® Male Pelvic Exercise Program was developed by leading urologists and physiotherapists. The PelvicRx® program is comprised of expertly designed pelvic exercises. Like any guided fitness program, the exercises become progressively harder each week as the training varies in intensity, frequency and duration.

The exercises are safe for men of all ages and can be performed just about anywhere. We recommend performing the exercises while sitting upright in a chair. You can also perform the exercises while standing up or lying down.

How Can You Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles?

The interactive training videos guide you through a series of pelvic exercises. Simply start the PelvicRx® DVD and follow along on your TV or computer, or access the digital version (digital access is included with the purchase of PelvicRx®) on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Stick With the Program

An effective workout program requires commitment. PelvicRx®'s progressive pelvic exercise routines keep you motivated and on track. Each session is approximately 10 minutes long, and we recommend 3 sessions per week to start. For just half an hour a week, you can make great strides towards improved pelvic health.

Discuss the Health Benefits With Your Doctor

PelvicRx® can be used in combination with other treatments your doctor recommends. In particular, PelvicRx® can be beneficial before and after prostate surgery by strengthening the pelvic floor and reducing side effects including incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED).

How to Order the PelvicRx® Program

PelvicRx® For Men Pelvic Exercise Program is currently available on

The PelvicRx® includes an interactive DVD and digital access to all the training videos.