Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles For Better Sexual, Urinary and Prostate Health

Developed by an international team of leading urologists and physiotherapists, PelvicRx® Male Pelvic Exercise Program targets and strengthens the pelvic muscles that support male urinary, bowel, prostate and sexual function.

Safe and Effective For Men of All Ages

PelvicRx® is an easy-to-use, follow-along exercise program that helps men of all ages safely and effectively increase pelvic floor muscle strength. PelvicRx® includes a detailed training manual, interactive DVD and digital access to the training videos.

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The First-Line Approach For Better Pelvic Health

Free from harmful side effects, PelvicRx® is a safe and natural first-line approach for improved pelvic health. A strong and fit pelvic floor can improve and often prevent common male health conditions including:

Erectile dysfunction
Stress urinary incontinence

(following prostate surgery)

Overactive bladder
Post-void dribbling
Bowel urgency and incontinence
Pelvic pain caused by muscle spasms

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Ideal For Prostate Surgery
Preparation and Recovery

By strengthening the pelvic floor before and after prostate surgery, patients may greatly reduce and reverse adverse effects caused by prostate surgery.

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The Science Behind PelvicRx®

Created by top doctors, PelvicRx® For Men is based on decades of medical research.

How to Order the PelvicRx® Program

PelvicRx® For Men Pelvic Exercise Program is currently available on

The PelvicRx® includes an interactive DVD and digital access to all the training videos.